Another word for da cops
Put a hole in your fuckin' back if I catch you talkin' to the fuckin' Jakes
by Princess>-< October 26, 2015
The police, also sometimes used as an insult that makes no sense
Peter: John, please leave us alone.
John: Whatever screw you guys, ya jakes.
Peter: God I hate that guy.
#police #jake #insult #cops #pigs
by kory52 April 22, 2015

Definition: when everything turned out ok; alright
Synonyms: ok; alright; fine
person 1: sorry Hitler stole your nutella.
Person 2: yeeah, it's jake, i have more in the shed.
Person 1: you keep your nutella in your shed?
#it's #jake #ok #fine #alright
by Chrono_Chronicles November 01, 2014
the biggest loser you will ever meet. he is very mean all the time and can't let anything go. if you have a jake in your life i feel very bad for you.
person: hi jake
jake: im still mad at you
by queenashley May 21, 2016
1.) A pompous arrogant douch canoe, who thinks he is better than everyone else. 2.) A guy who names his son Archie because he hates him and wants him to suffer childhood.
Man Mark is being a real Jake. Well that's slightly better than a Appalachian Chief.
by Mystik Chuck Norris May 22, 2016
a jake is a cop aka 12 or police officer
"Fuck the Jakes they can't tame us' - L'A capone
#cop #12 #police #jakes #911
by lil smiff May 14, 2015
Jamaica ginger extract, known as "Jake". During Prohibition in the United States, Jake was used as a substitute for alcohol as it contained 70-80% ethanol by weight. Due to alterations of the substance ordered by the U.S. Treasury Department, Jake users would often experience "Jake Legs", which resulted in the loss of use of the hands and feet.
"Ever since the Prohibition laws passed, I can't get my fix."
"Have you tried Jake?"
#jamaica ginger extract #jake leg #jake #prohibition #alcohol #jake paralysis
by Spiral0Architect September 22, 2013
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