A badass guy who takes no shit
I wouldn't mess with Jake
#jacob #awesome #fun #badass #cool
by MudDigger802 May 26, 2015
a person who you can't help but love. he is shy at first, but you have to get to know him and he becomes an amazing person.
Man, i really wish i knew a jake!
#(amazing) #(funny) #(kind) #(helpful) #(annoying) #(shy)
by richgurl224 July 30, 2015
A badass guy who takes no shit
I wouldn't mess with Jake
#jacob #awesome #fun #badass #cool
by MudDigger802 May 26, 2015
He is the most amazing, sweet, compassionate, forgiving, loving guy. He can't help but try to make your day brighter with every chance he gets. He takes every opportunity to show how much he loves you and tells you he can't imagine a life without you in it. He's the guy I'd be happy spending the rest of my life with and laugh and grow old together. There aren't enough words to describe him and very few people can truly understand him.
#jake #jakes #jacobs #guy #hot
by 00_348 February 02, 2015
Sexy beast, huge cock, his diet be all pussy and ass, he be fuckin every night do he be three stupid bruh
that man pulled a jake cause he just had sex with some fine ass broad
#awesome hair #ripped #big cock #sex #beastly
by Johnny12345678 October 09, 2013
A really well put together person. Can always rely on Jake being fly. But being fly, doesn't mean being fun. Buzzkill you may call him. Predominately staying on his phone and snaking his friends on nights out. Typical case of don't judge a book by its cover. Am I right? Where you think he is just "dropping his jacket off " he has actually gone back to bang the girl next door. Or at least try. Overall though he is a nice guy, but most nights out will end up with you realising he hasn't been there for two hours because he is tired.
Guy 1: Oh you hear Dan isn't coming out tonight?
Guy 2: OMG he is being such a Jake.
The name of a man who has an enormous penis. Usually so large no girl can resist. At the sight of his penis most girls cum themselves to death do to dehydration.
Dude. Did you hear about what happened to that girl on the news? Apparently she saw Jake's penis and her pussy got so wet she died.
by MrVade November 27, 2015
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