The police, also sometimes used as an insult that makes no sense
Peter: John, please leave us alone.
John: Whatever screw you guys, ya jakes.
Peter: God I hate that guy.
by kory52 April 22, 2015
the rawest nigga god ever made
that guy is such a jake
by swagjake April 17, 2015
1) The biggest fuckboy hypocrite to ever exist on this earth

2) The guy who has no friends
Did you hear Jake has no friends at all? I wonder why
by clappingdeeznuts April 13, 2015
A man who sleeps in the basement.
Jake, get your ass out of my basement and get a job.
by Master_Saggy_tits February 04, 2015
He is the most amazing, sweet, compassionate, forgiving, loving guy. He can't help but try to make your day brighter with every chance he gets. He takes every opportunity to show how much he loves you and tells you he can't imagine a life without you in it. He's the guy I'd be happy spending the rest of my life with and laugh and grow old together. There aren't enough words to describe him and very few people can truly understand him.
by 00_348 February 02, 2015
A guy that is so amazingly kind, loving, handsome, strong, and romantic. He is someone who you can't help but fall in love with.
Girl 1: wow you are so lucky to have jake as your boyfriend.

Girl 2: I know.
by Shealeigh November 01, 2014

Definition: when everything turned out ok; alright
Synonyms: ok; alright; fine
person 1: sorry Hitler stole your nutella.
Person 2: yeeah, it's jake, i have more in the shed.
Person 1: you keep your nutella in your shed?
by Chrono_Chronicles November 01, 2014

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