A show named after its target audience
Jackass: Whoa! Did you see that midget maranade himself in dogshit and throw himself down a hill! Now thats quality T.V!
by Dyne December 19, 2003
a group of rich art school drop outs who fuck around,can be funny but it looks like sesame street next to its WELSH equivalent dirty sanchez also on mtv
jackass:lets put a dwarf on a carpet
dirty sanchez:Lets staple our cocks to planks of wood and swing them around
by will March 29, 2004
christian a. one who enjoys looking on the computer 24/7 becasue he lacks the friendship. he also make funs of otehr people becasue he hates himself.
Christian was a jackass because he spent all his day on the computer.
by oscar54 January 02, 2008
Dude be frontin fo attention
That jackass is a lecherous mo fo!
by fo my pizz da playa September 09, 2003
1.A person whole will sit there and lie to you right in your face, even when they know they are and/or are proven wrong.
2.An individual who will make up stories that have no possibility of being true whatsoever. Everytime the story is told, it continues to become more and more outrageous.
3.Someone who parents are hygenisists and still has bad breath.
4 Someone who doesn't get a hint and continues to piss you off in which the only rememdy is to prank there dorm room with a bucket.
1. Jackass: "I scored with 3 girls last night"
Us: "Uh no you were with us all night"
Jackass: "Uh ya that's right it was only 2 girls"
2. Jackass: "Last night I drank 40 beers in in 30 minutes"
Next night, the story is told again with it being 50 beers
3. Self explanatory
4. May go to Humber College
by Evil_lawn_gnome March 16, 2006
the person who wrote the definition, in which they included the theory that our president is a jackass. in his theory, he misspelled the word speech, and instead put "speach".
An this dude is actually defining "jackass". All i have to say is: it takes one to know one, and besides, look who can't spell. what a jackass.
by Bodhi May 25, 2004
show on mtv with 10 american men with special guest that do stunt for a show..bam margera rocks!
by Vic August 29, 2003
The guys from the show on MTV
God damn, those guys are f'ing crazy.(that is what I always say when I watch the show.)
by Jeff December 09, 2002

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