1. a person that stereotypes people based on gender or looks.

2. a person who does all possible to get another in trouble

3. a donkey

4. the butt of a boy named Jack
guy 1: "that girl looks so 'emo', guess we should tell the pricipal to search her locker!"
guy 2: "nah man! she'll be dead by thre end of te night if she messes up with her blade!"
guy 1: "true that!"
(the next day)
girl: "wonder what all the commotion is about.......THE SHIT?!?!?!? WHY ARE YOU GUYS TEARING THROUGH MY LOCKER?!?!?"
teacher 1: "THERE SHE IS!"
teacher 2: "KNEW SHE'D SHOW UP!"
girl: "WHATS GOING ON?!?"
teacher 3: "we found three razors in your locker young missy!"
guy 1: *whispering* "got her good! nice work planting them!"
guy 2: "yeah lets get outta here!"
nerd: "what jackasses! Hey! teacher! those two did it!!!"
teacher 4: "and what proof do you have?"
nerd: "YOU DON'T BELIEVE EVEN ME!!!!!!!!"
teacher 4. "quit being a jackass and get to class, this isn't your problem."
by KharePhure February 10, 2010
bad luck or a person who is very unlucky(sometimes used as an exclamation).
he cant get the job, he's a jackass.
fuck! my jackass has done it again.
jackass! not again!
by relith June 24, 2010
The term used to describe one Kanye West by President Obama, meaning 'incompetent fool'
Kanye West is a jackass
by Non-jackass April 14, 2010
1) Kanye West as stated by President Obama off the record.
2) A person for what ever reason acting without common sense
3)The average middle class or poor Republican
1) President Obama: He's a jackass.
2) Kanye West VMA 2009
3) Jackass Republican-Socialist! Human with common since- those greedy Republicans have convinced that jackass that if it's not capitalism gone wild it's "Socialist"
Note:not all Republicans are greedy some are just "jackasses"
by YOUlieNot September 15, 2009
Can be preformed while fucking doggy style, grabbing each hip tight enough to steer, and running you partner at full speed head first into the wall! Thus, performing the Jackass.
Resembling some 'Jackass' stunts with shopping carts.
by rickydizzle March 11, 2008
George "dubya" Bush, saddly president of this fine country.
Bush is a complete and utter jackass.
by francine donavan August 11, 2007
a great TV show on mtv that airs stunts. Nothing that has ever been aired on jackass (nevermind food stuff) is as crazy as stuff ive done. they skateboard off ramps, i bike onto moving vehicles. they ride wheelbarrows dowm some retarded hill, i ride some stupid shit but fast ass home-made car thing down the fastest hill in town. they might have had an injury, i play through two football games with a broken leg.
-ignorant person- whoa that show is insane!
-intelligent drew- nah, nothing they do is that dangerous
by Urban Dictionary March 17, 2005
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