The guys from the show on MTV
God damn, those guys are f'ing crazy.(that is what I always say when I watch the show.)
by Jeff December 09, 2002
a highly uneducated ignorant person, see also democrat.
hahaha. Democrats are jackasses.
#s #d #f #g #h #i #j #k
by IND July 27, 2006
A drunk person that wont shut up, talking to someone more sober that is not into the conversation.
That jackass wont stop talking to me.
by slamher May 02, 2016
Someone who is not necessarily mean or stupid but very self centered, to a point where they greatly lack common sense and butt heads with others.
Jack: Did you see how Kaleb took the car just so he could go drink

Adam: What a jackass!
by Keep On Truckin' Peepz March 10, 2016
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