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acronym For "Fuck It, Just Fuck It"
1.Used as part of an internal monologue when bedding a girl that ugly,fat,psycho, or any combination of the three.
2. said when one is fed up of dealing with Ignoranusi at work, school, ect.
C. also said when a task has become too perplexing for the person to want to deal with it anymore.

pronounced Fidge-fee
To self. "This chick is bigger than two of OSU's starting defencive linemen" "EHH. FIJFI "

2. "Mr. Smith your supposed to greet every customer within one second of them entering the store" one could respond with FIJFI.

3.Throws down cellphone after losing signal and exclaims "FIJFI!!!!"
by L|_|<45 December 11, 2006
Any officer of the United States Army who graduated from West Point. This definition originates due to the fact that the school mascot is indeed a donkey.. aka .. YOU GUESSED IT ... A JACKASS
"THe new LT is from Westpoint." "Great just what we need another Jackass!!!"
by L|_|<45 December 11, 2006

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