bad luck or a person who is very unlucky(sometimes used as an exclamation).
he cant get the job, he's a jackass.
fuck! my jackass has done it again.
jackass! not again!
by relith June 24, 2010
1) Kanye West as stated by President Obama off the record.
2) A person for what ever reason acting without common sense
3)The average middle class or poor Republican
1) President Obama: He's a jackass.
2) Kanye West VMA 2009
3) Jackass Republican-Socialist! Human with common since- those greedy Republicans have convinced that jackass that if it's not capitalism gone wild it's "Socialist"
Note:not all Republicans are greedy some are just "jackasses"
by YOUlieNot September 15, 2009
N. The most retarded and crude film up to date. Seriously, anyone with an iq over 70 will think this film is plain retarded commercial garbage. You pay few bucks just to make MTV and the directors more richer and make you more stupid.
Retard: Yo homie jackass was such a cool movie.
get the fuck away from me you.
Playa: Get the fuck away from me you retard.
by Dizel May 01, 2007
dumb shit; douche bag; retard; moron; fag; dipshit; invalid; dumbass
Ryan ran into a pole the other day because he was tryin to act cool. What a jackass!
by Ryan Kester October 29, 2003
One who tapes himself to the side of an aircraft and makes the pilot take flight.
It's raining jackasses. Must be an airshow on today.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 10, 2003
1. A large, 4-legged, vaguely horse-like mammal that goes, "NEE-HAW!".
2. A person of foolish or idiotic character.
3. The single dumbest show ever aired on television, produced by the single dumbest television network in existance, and embraced by the most worthless wastes of skin to ever live.
4. A film franchise based upon said show.
5. Kanye West. President Obama affirmed this.
*chuckle*, "He's a jackass."
by beansoup October 28, 2009
A show which unfortunately hasn't been cancelled. Someone needs to die on there so it will.
Jackass is only for jackasses.
by wrongo January 28, 2006

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