1. An American pack of cunts that perform 'extreme stunts'. In fact they are often not at all extreme, they are just stupid. They have not seen Dirty Sanchez to understand what extreme is.

2. A show named after it intended audience.
Jackass is not funny.
by drift September 21, 2003
Amazingly awesome person
That girl is a total jackass.
by UnnamedPerson October 25, 2010
Some guy who goes out stealing peoples Donkeys and or Horses
You: I wish those mexicans would quit nicking my stuff
Mate: What did they take this time?
You: My Horse
Mate: wow I didn't know u were a pimp! Can u hook me up?
You: no man, i said horse
Mate* disappointed*: Oh. What Jackasses
by koonm@n July 23, 2010
N. The most retarded and crude film up to date. Seriously, anyone with an iq over 70 will think this film is plain retarded commercial garbage. You pay few bucks just to make MTV and the directors more richer and make you more stupid.
Retard: Yo homie jackass was such a cool movie.
get the fuck away from me you.
Playa: Get the fuck away from me you retard.
by Dizel May 01, 2007
a group of rich art school drop outs who fuck around,can be funny but it looks like sesame street next to its WELSH equivalent dirty sanchez also on mtv
jackass:lets put a dwarf on a carpet
dirty sanchez:Lets staple our cocks to planks of wood and swing them around
by will March 29, 2004
dumb shit; douche bag; retard; moron; fag; dipshit; invalid; dumbass
Ryan ran into a pole the other day because he was tryin to act cool. What a jackass!
by Ryan Kester October 29, 2003
One who tapes himself to the side of an aircraft and makes the pilot take flight.
It's raining jackasses. Must be an airshow on today.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 10, 2003
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