An alcoholic mixed drink containing one part gin, one part tonic, with a slice of lime and a splash of cranberry juice. Also known as a JJ.
Lets put on board shorts and go chill out on the vineyard with some jack johnsons.
by deuce niggalo August 20, 2009
Hawaiian singer, as well as surf movie director, ex-pro surfer for Quiksilver, and a marijuana smoker <-(not known by many), famous for his acoustic guitar skills, singing voice, and mellow mood songs. You can listen to him while in any mood and he does not have any homosexual roots like some other definers on this site think. He is a great American musician and influences many modern bands.
Jack Johnson smokes weed and his music is fucking amazing.
by ILiveInNewJersey December 24, 2008
In WWI, a nickname for artillery shells. The name was mostly used by the Canadian soldiers.
The trenches may have been eight feet deep, but the men in them never felt safe from the Whizbangs, Minnies, Jack Johnsons, Rum Jars, and Coal Boxes, whose ingenious nicknames masked their deadly purpose.
-Vimy by Pierre Berton
by K to the C October 24, 2006
A whiny Bitch with a guitar that every one loves for being trendy.
Jack Johnson is a Douche
by Jak6508 January 28, 2010
A modern beach hippie musician influenced by Ben Harper and Phish. All chill kids who know how to smoke and have fun love to listen to jack johnson
"let's have a party on friday"
"you bring the dank and mellow"
"ok, I'll bring my Jack Johnson CD"
by lizzlemynizzle July 24, 2005
Some one's head is their Jack Johnson.
Don't make me give you a rap on the old jack johnson.
by Zaggerty January 03, 2005
Clique talk heard far too often. Much as when you are told some piece of information as new and enlightening, even though you already know it. often from a drunk-ass.
Person A: You know George Bush El President of Babylon didn’t really win the election & only spreads hate and war

Person B: Piss-off Jack Johnson
Person A: what do you mean
Person B: when I walked in i didn't realise 'Jack lives here'
by house of jack March 13, 2005
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