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Famous musician who has become a rorschach test for the music-listening world at large. If you dig Jack Johnson, you're either an unwashed ignorant member of the common sheepish folk, or deeply into weed in all it's forms. If you don't like his stuff, you're either into "good" music, hateful of relaxation, or aware of him selling out the good surfer name. It's all in interpretation really.
Example One:

Fan: "I like that new Jack Johnson album!"
Critic: "Why?"
Fan: "Because, it's, uh, relaxing...and, uh...uh...relaxing."
Critic:"Is that all? His music is miserable and generic. How can you enjoy absolute dung like his (I won't even say music because it degrades the very concept) 'surfer' sound?"
Fan: "Baaaa."

Critic: "I hate the new Jack Johnson album."
Fan: "Why?"
Critic: "Because it's cliche, simple, boring, without edge or real emotion, and lacks all good things I like in pop music."
Fan: "Here's what I think: Get off your high horse and try to understand his appeal to people. In this busy, hectic world he offers a break and release from the pressures of daily life, making people happy in the process, and if that's bad then sue me. Why don't you remove the stick of music snobbery from you-know-where and get a life?"
Critic: "You just criticized me. That's my job."
by teamugcollective July 06, 2010
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