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A name that originated to describe those who ski or snowboard, usually snowboard, in bright colored tall T's most commonly bought at Champs, bagged pants and they usually are killin' it. Opposed to the other definition, they don't wear tight pants, and are pretty mellow people. Anyone who wears the tight pants with the big T's are complete homos and are posing as skittle thugs.

Personally being a skittle thug is neither good nor bad. Its just how you dress so haters fuck off and go put on your tight girl pants.
Tight pants fag: Yo doods look at this dumb skittle thug.
*Skittle thug pulls a cork-7*
Tight pants fag: Shit I gotta go give my sister her pants back.
by ILiveInNewJersey July 20, 2009
Hawaiian singer, as well as surf movie director, ex-pro surfer for Quiksilver, and a marijuana smoker <-(not known by many), famous for his acoustic guitar skills, singing voice, and mellow mood songs. You can listen to him while in any mood and he does not have any homosexual roots like some other definers on this site think. He is a great American musician and influences many modern bands.
Jack Johnson smokes weed and his music is fucking amazing.
by ILiveInNewJersey December 24, 2008

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