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A nickname for Jack Black, vocalist of comedic rock band "Tenacious D".
"Kage and Jables rock!"
333 66
A fat ball of rock and roll awesome.
Jables is an awesome rocker
by SirRibbit January 19, 2009
62 10
When you are a male and you masturbate while fingering your butthole at the same time.
I went home and rode my quads then went on redtube where i then started to jable myself.
by helbs February 02, 2011
26 9
a really dumb name given to a person that isn't jack black, when really, only jack black deserves this nickname.
hello jables, your friends chris vela and sawyer rock suck. P.S. jack black is cooler than them.
by OMGwhyCAN'TiJUSTputJAIMIE February 20, 2009
19 36
n carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worm typically having a sucker at each end.
don't go in the water, it's infested with jableses.
by neiti March 22, 2005
26 55
n. boobs, breasts, titties, tatties, etc.
"Me and P-dubs call Tracy 'Jables' because she has big jables."
by Gray'Seanatomy February 20, 2008
9 40
An internet hook-up gone horribly awry and leading to much e-drama.

The rejecting participant in said drama.

see, PLDSB
"hott_bodd69 said he'd call me, but I think this one is jables..."
by teh editrix March 10, 2005
35 66