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to have a Real Life Drama on The Internet with someone else
"shawn hasnt been online in 5 days now i think hes dating someone else!! or hes blocked me from msn, i think im going to rid myself from this horrible world, i HATE my life".
by Kipwar March 11, 2004
To be constantly getting into meaningless fights upon the internet, and experiancing emotions from it Fear, Regret, Saddness, Anger.
Random Dude: OMG man...I just got into a fight with my girlfriend....She was mad that she wasnt in my myspace! Y_Y
You: You have a girlfriend?
Random Dude: Yes, she lives in Florida. Ive been talkin to her on Myspace for 6 months and im like, seriously crying...
You: E-drama......
by Anku February 24, 2007
E-Drama. Frequently used during online gaming and MMORPG'S such as; World of Warcraft. E-Drama describes a moment in time when something is going on and alot of drama and fuss is being caused.
*World of Warcraft*

-Erenion has left the guild-
Korfax:Dude, Erenion ninjaed the guild bank!
Rital: No way, dude we had 9000 gold in there!
by Soothy August 07, 2008
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