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The highest rank of ninja in Naruto, meaning "shadow" in Japanese.

The five Kages of the five leading countries are as follows: Hokage (Fire Shadow), Kazekage (Wind Shadow), Mizukage (Water Shadow), Raikage (Lightning Shadow), and Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow).
Only the strongest ninja can become Kage.
by Liza-Beth February 04, 2007
Kage "Comma" Slamet (2001-2012) was a friend of Atomic Fan aka Papa Louie Fan on Flipline Forum. He was known for being a great Papa's Gameria player, until Atomic Fan announced on December 21st, 2012 that "my friend kage status was comma". He died 3 days later. Many people suspected a conspiracy.
my friend kage status was comma
by Cman Cunningham February 03, 2013
1. japanese for shadow.

2. A leader of a village in Naruto.
1. OMG!!111 my kage is huge!!!11

2. Hokage, mizukage, kagekage.
by Voba December 30, 2006
A: Another way to give an example of a guy that can get any girl he wants.

B: The awesome way to spell "Cage"
A: Guy number 1: Holy crap, that guys like a pimp! He can get laid any day!
Guy number 2: You know, the proper word for that Kage.
Guy number 1: Ohh, you know that actually makes sense.

B: Guy number 1: Hey Kage.
Guy number 2: You motherfucking cockblowing sonofabitch, ITS KAGE!!!! (Takes out shotgun, blast to head, EPIC FAILURE)
by Old Greggy June 16, 2008
1. A term evolved from the initials "K G" to describe a member of the PMB. 2. The designation of AwesomeTeam USA's right fullback.
Hey, Kage just totally ruined that guys shit.
by Kage April 12, 2005
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