An amazing brunette who is a little crazy and gets on amazingly with Caitlins she's a sexy beast and she looks after her mates and cares for them.

She is loved by those around her.

Such a dayumm sexxyy bitchh
See her there, the fit one?

Yeah, that's Izzy
by Oopsie-daisy March 26, 2013
To Izzy: to epically crash and burn, during the execution of a mundane task.
Man, did you see that girl try to catch the ball?? She totally Izzy-ed!!!
by Honeybee101 August 23, 2011
A smelly girl who loves to do snail impressions

And is so beautiful
Omg izzys so beautiful
Hey have you seen izzys fab snail impression?
by thatgirlwithtoomuchswag January 07, 2014
Skipping school for no reason, not because you're sick, just because you want too.

Pretending you're sick to skip school.
Going to the nurses to skip class.
"So you pulled an Izzy today?"
"Yea I couldn't be bothered to go to school today."

"Heard you didn't go to school today."
"I pulled an Izzy, I had a test."
by phx142 September 15, 2011
A tall girl who claims to dislike everyone smaller or taller then her accept one of her friends, she jokes around and can seem insensitive but inside she hurts more then most and doesn't even let her friends know it, though they know its there. Izzy will always have your back and dislikes fighting.
Izzy: I don't like midgets, its a rule of mine
Aimee: What about ME Iz?
Izzy: Your an exception
by AzzyClazzy December 30, 2011
A girl who is quite normal and innocent looking on the outside but inside is delusional wreck. Believing that she is the leader of a sacred colony of tropical wasps. Izzy can be deadly, take twice daily. Handle with care
Person 1: "Wow, I think I am the leader of a sacred colony of tropical wasps."
Person 2 : "Don't be such an Izzy."
by Mrs Beeswax June 04, 2011
Izzy is simply another word for but gobbler, or NG for short. Can also be represented using this emoticon 🆖
(basically what I'm saying is izzy sucks a lot of dick)
by Izzy don't kill me pls December 23, 2014
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