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Izzy is a midget with amazing hair and a pretty face. She is one of the loudest people you will ever meet and she is very opinionated and will stick by you, no matter what. Izzy is the bestest friend you could wish for.
She is such an Izzy
Man, I wish I could be more like Izzy
Isn't Izzy completely amazing?!
I think I'm in love with an Izzy
by strawberryshortcakeeee February 11, 2009
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A crazy and out-of-control girl who randomly chooses to do strange things. one who is used to people and social, who loves food. Has mood swings, a cute face, and loves to dance. Very flexible. Can be hated or loved, depending on her mood.
Bob: "Hi there, Izzy,"
Izzy: *ninja kick* "Hi Bob! I'm learning how to become a ninja!"
Bob: (scared) "Oh-Oh-Okay?!?!?! Bu-bu-bu-bye!"
by Dr.Seuss'minion.pinapple December 26, 2010
izzy.. one of the nicest people you will ever meet! she will stick by you through out anything and she'll be there for you if you ask for help. shes one of the loudest people you will ever meet. izzy is a funny girl with a big heart:) she's not shy and is very easy going! very sarcastic and fun to be around. she sticks up for everyone, and shes not afraid to say what she thinks! she loves food.. shes quite dopey, and finds everything funny! a very nice, smart girl. very good at singing! very pretty young lady. izzy is a big partier with a crazy imagionation! everyone loves izzy!+izzy loves everyone back:) if she doesnt like someone, she tells them or makes sure she knows! she loves cute things and love storys ect.. izzy likes to be random! she does weird stuff at a weird time.. haha! izzy loves partying and dancing. izzy is a very honest person and tells people the truth, even if it hurts their feelings! she does feel bad afterwords though. she good friends with alot of people! many trust her and tell her alot. izzy cheers everyone up! she always finds a way too.. she is quite popular:) izzy is a lovely bubbly girl with an amazing personality! if you ever meet an izzy, be sure to keep her in your life forever.
lewis: *just split with his girlfriend and very upset* *turns to izzy for help*

izzy: its okay! i'll talk to her for you.. i cant really do anything about it lewis, but i will always be here for you! and always willing to talk.

lewis: thankyou so much izzy! you've cheered me up a little bit, i suppose.
by tangoo November 22, 2011
a sexy girl also who goes by the name of izzy,herb,isobel,bell,bella.
wow that girl was a real foxy izzy!
by Izzygoldshite August 25, 2006
A really funny girl who cheers everyone up.
She can be too honest and sometimes hurts peoples feelings. She is the life and soul of any party!
my bestfriend is a right izzy
by Essabess December 27, 2010
short fun-loving caring girl. loves to party and dance. she is very slim and will kick your ass if you say she is anorexic . she can be a bitch if you get on her bad side, but if she doesn't hate you she will be your best friend. she is cute and pretty and has an amazing sense of style.
Person 1- she is such an izzy i love her
person 2- she is such an izzy, i hate that bitch
by Polly123456789 March 25, 2011
Izzy is a loving girl that can be a bitch sometimes but is always down to earth! She always knows how to have a good time with friends. She is a very gorgeous girl. She isn't the most athletic girl but she is kick ass. She doesn't take shit from anyone mostly not her friends.
by Rawrrawr22 June 21, 2011
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