A sexy Puerto Rican boy who flirts with all the "wimmenz."
When he drives by in his evo, you can't help but stare. The guys lookin' in envy and the ladies lookin in desire for his sexiness.
He's a tech nerd, but he's the one you want to tap your ass.
He's nice, and a friend you'd want in your crew.
Dude: "Man did you see that Izzy in his evo?"
Girl: "Yeahhh I sureeeeeee did<33"
by KAR_in-a January 08, 2010
sex god that gives girls queffing powers. also gets all the cute girls, and can sometimes be a tool... most of the times is an assbag.
he's an izzy.

i did an izzy last night.
by naimiciz :) September 21, 2010
A BAMF whos extremely charming and totally gets all teh womanz
Girl 1:izzy is so freakin amazing
Girl 2: yea i know i wanna suck his dick
by Do you really wonder who this? March 31, 2009
person with the longest dick and super smart
melissa:did u know john is an izzy damn hes good
by ginta August 31, 2008
Before consumating a sexual act a person defined as an Izzy would say certain things like "Scuse me while I whip this out" and "That's what she said" and "Papa Cock" to see if his/her partner would be turned on. In the abscence of desire they would then do an amazingly complicated - for some people - mating dance that looked like a more fun hip version of getting your ass spanked. If that also failed they would then do the "Shake Your Finger Dance" and when no results came from that then they would read embarassing lesbian erotica and then question the meaning of a Labia therefore killing the sexual mood of the erotic literature. In the very last attempt of "getting it on" they would tell their partner that they "Don't like it when you talk, because that means you're not sucking my cock" In the end no sex will be had by anyone and the person defined as an Izzy would go home and take off their pants and sit and read a romance novel and talk about hot Walmart Guy with her best friend who also happens to be a complete loser.
"Oh man, I became an Izzy last night! I was singing 'What's Your Fantasy' to one of my friends and then she chimed in! Never felt like more of a loser or Fuckface."
The REAL definition for Izzy is to vacate the area; to leave quickly; To bounce.
The cops showed up so I had to izzy on them.

After his mans got snuffed out, homeboy izzied with the quickness.
by PiR EmpirE July 10, 2008
1. To lose one's erection in response to seeing another man masturbating; hence, ending the wild jungle dance.

2. To become flaccid while getting dick wet.

3. Failure to maintain a boner during sex; specifically because of mental, audio or visual disturbances.
I caused a total Izzy last night. I was jacking off while Israel poned Jen and he lost his night horse. Sorry about that, but at least I got off.

Dude, don't drink too much, or you might izzy.
by harrymellawrence May 02, 2007

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