(Suffix) - Added at the end of a word in order to give a word some urban flair. Often used by white men to impress their black "homies." My be used by gangsters to show they are unhappy with someone and are going to pop a cap in their ass. First originated and publicized by famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

WARNING: Saying this may either get you instant street cred... or a bullet to the chest. Use at your own discretion.
Jimmy: Where my dogs at. Bark, bark!
Dominique: Man, I'm bout' to foshizzle his nizzle right now.
Tyrone: Woah man, dat's to harsh. Settle down, I take you back to my place to cool off.
by T-Ravizzle February 12, 2008
A funny suffix. Used to induce laughter.
Me: Hizzle. Myzzle namezzle izzle Davidizzle Blainzzle. (People laugh.)
by sukebe December 02, 2006
Not an important or needed word, no need to say it or any of its forms. Why did you did you waste time looking this up? Why am I wasting time writing this? Whyyyy??
If you have said any of the forms of izzle go lay in the middle of the freeway, or stop looking to stoners as role models.
by WS SM March 31, 2006
A ludicrous and pointless excercise in being young and stupid. Add 'izzle' to the end of a word.. and ..err.. well thats it really.
None needed - its so stupid even snoop dogg can do it.
by WayneKussoff April 28, 2005
Izzle - A complicated but easy to learn language founded by Snoop Dogg. Most Commonly takes the end of the word and adds izzle.
Ex. Shit becomes Shizzle, Fuck becomes Fizzle. Try Experimenting with different words, and then try to understand this: Shut the fizzle up you chicken hizzled Bitch!

Solution: Shut the fuck up you chicken headed bitch.

If you understood this, you now know "Izzle Language."
by PainFace April 18, 2004
noun forming suffix - a suffix used to make a verb into a noun, demonstrating the characteristics of that verb. Used most in the forms of shizzle and hizzle. Shizzle when used in connection with the words "for" or "fo" means the english word sure./"Off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle!"
Fo' shizzle ma wizzle, this is the plot!
by Fangsta April 29, 2003
to be sick or ill
or to be out of this world cool
yo this club is izzle
by JayKay February 25, 2005

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