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To smoke (Mainly used as marijuana code)
Would you like to smizzle that nugget of cannabis after school?
by Tybay September 16, 2003
To engage in a collision of any domestic part, eg. hand, and a foreign object.
Chris smizzled Felix.
I smizzled your fat sister.
by The Skillet February 06, 2010
A Smut; A jawn in the street; female
Yo, i'm about to call this smizzle. yo, fallback she smizzle jawn.
by Philly Boa March 15, 2004
This faggot ass nigger that lives in my town. He thinks he is a huge drug dealer because he sells 5 20 bags a day. And drives a black chevy caprice that is a total peice of shit. He also thinks he is the cutest nigga alive too bad he only does fat ass white chicks. If you ever see this car you know you are seeing a real piece of human douchebag. He should invest in a assbag.
There goes smizzles, fuckin assbag.
by thereason21 January 08, 2005
Kiss given by Blue the dog, and only Blue the dog.
Ewwwww, Blue gave me a french smizzle
by Btotheizzle August 25, 2007
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