A word that is a noun. Izzle was believed to be the greek god of friendliness and companionship, until his nephew, Kushi, stole everything from him and murdered Izzle. This word is now used at the end of other words to sound ghetto.
"Man, you murdizzled izzle, you bastizzle!"
#common mispellings: izle #izzel #ezel #ezil #izel #zeus
by Kushi Shachor January 12, 2006
A langauge made up by Snoop Dogg when he was drunk. It's basically just putting izzle after the first one or two letters.
Dude 1: dizzle 2 is dead fo shizzle?
Dude 3: Well at least he isn't speaking leet.
Dude 1: o yah d00d thankz pho remindin m3.
Me: Dammit.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
A white girl, cool, gangster, but yet not black.
Guy: Hey, i see you brought along some izzles wit u."
#izzels #izzle #gangster #white #black
by izzlefoshizzle July 04, 2006
used like pig latin and attached to the end of words. Popularized by Snoop Dogg.
Fo Shizzle my nizzle= For sho my N****
by choadtoad January 19, 2003
A highly recognized alias used by a professional sports commentator. This name stands out in the online competitive gaming audience, sparking high rivalry between its use of the Snoop version, and the man who started wearing it as a nickname.
"OMG izzle is an amazing person?"
#izzle #pizzle #bizzle #shizzle #nizzle
by Derik125 November 10, 2006
idiotic, meaningless suffix added to words to emphasize ignorance, stupidity or ghetto status. most commonly used by the ghetto population, and also frequently used by white, ghetto-wannabe scum.
"yo, fo shizzle mah nizzle!"

definition: something along the lines of caveman grunting and indistinguishable syllables supposedly forming some type of logical sentence, yet greatly fail to.

synonyms: "duhhhrrr", also see "uhhhh"
by sara m January 13, 2004
A suffix which replaces the last several letters of any word beginning with a consonant. Used by youth of the early 21st century as a type of slang. Origin: Created by Snoop Doggy Dog in an effort to create words which rhymed with the direction of his career path, "fizzle".
For reshizzle, my lyrizzles be wackizzle,
As my greenizzles go afizzles.
by rayzer July 16, 2003
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