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An exxageration to make something look like a success. Something that people do who don't try as hard as the rest of us. Someone said that there were well over a million people at the million man march when they were actually less than 400,000.
A: There is no way that he drank that many beers, he's using his million man math again.

B: Typical for his kind.
by sneekix November 23, 2006
sevens cost closer to $200
those seven jeans are okay but my tavernitis are way more expensive
by sneekix September 15, 2006
Someone who looks good from across the street but is butt-ugly upon taking a closer look. Common with drug users and ugly people.
me: Damn look at her!

you: forget about it man, she's across the street hot - I was just over there.
by sneekix November 24, 2006
When you are so excited that you may mess you pants, hence, you need dark pants.
WHen I saw her bend over, I knew it was dark pants time.
by sneekix September 15, 2006
Similar to v-neck pants. Worn by people who go to clubs because they suck.
Of coarse he wears prescription pants, he also wears striped shirts from nordstrom and too much cologne
by sneekix September 15, 2006
This is what it looks like when I walk into a starbucks with my dick out.
Look, i can see his dong through his v-neck pants.
by sneekix September 19, 2006
A suffix commonly and rightly used among white people without blacks present to make inadvertent fun of ebonics and to emphasize the ridiculousness of lack of trying in life, ghetto talk, and an overall resistence to education
me: hey Bob, let's get some drinks later huh?

you: for sh-izzle, I will meet you there at 6.

me: Cut out that -izzle shit! YOu actually tried hard in life didn't you?

you: You don't even get the joke! YOu can't even tell when I am poking fun at their kind!

by sneekix November 24, 2006
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