add to the end of, kinda sorta to show that you do not fully understand the specifics of the subject.
I understand nuclear physics, well kinda sorta ishy.
by Dont Punch Babies September 16, 2007
Top Definition
Awesome, cool, sweet, great, original, hot, nice, wonderful, cute, etc ...

Any positive adjective you want it to mean
You're not ishy enough to say ishy!
by kaiti December 24, 2004
of questionable character; less than ideal
Emily: "That cookie didn't get cooked enough. It was ishy!"

Patrick: "Emily, you hooked up with a kid with braces?! That's an ishy decision.."
by balleronabudget January 27, 2015
Mediocre; of dubious quality, purity, or freshness.
Waitress, can you take these eggs away please? They're kind of ishy.
by GhostOfKorg March 31, 2014
To feel sick. Usually when one has a fever and chills, or slightly nauseous but not enough to actually puke, with no other significant symptoms.

Also a babified version of shitty. See ish
"How are you feeling, Baby?"
"I still feel ishy, but I'll be ok."
by Aelswyth March 29, 2014
A name for any small humanoid creature. Though it is often unkempt and confused, it is loyal and friendly with a penchant for Japanese culture.

Can also be used as a food source in times of need.
"She's an Ishy! Catch her!"

"Ooh, Ishy... tasty."
by Anon. E. Mouse January 12, 2008
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