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When you are under stress worried and you become really silly funny as a way of coping with it. A giddy excitable feeling overwhelms you. You find it difficult to focus properly and may say inappropriate things to people and unintentionally cause offence to colleaguesworkmates. The condition is brought under control by a growing sense of fearworry which ultimately makes you feel like you have gone too far. Intoxistressmosis may be easily passed on to other who are experiencing similar stress levels which creates a sense of bonding frienship.
While in a meeting or place of work, you begin to act in a silly manner intoxistressmosis in order to diffuse a situation or distract others. Rather than focusing on the job required you begin to waste time by being silly, twisting things, doing impressions of people and generally being silly. Other people around you may join in by being as silly intoxistressmosis.
by Miss Giddykipper February 25, 2010
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