The indie scene had originally been started by people who wanted to deviate from the norms of society. They did this through both music and fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, indie was never just about listening to bands nobody else had heard of - it was about appreciating all music for what it was - a form of entertainment, that appeals to different people.

This spawned a generation of Indie kids, who would go out of their way to try and be as "indie" as possible, essentially conforming to the acceptable indie standards. The indie scene quickly became the one thing that it set out to differentiate itself from - a clique.
What most "indie" kids dont realise is that looking indie, and listening to indie bands just isn't enough. You can't just "become" indie - you either are, or you're not. Being "indie" to try and conform to the indie scene is not indie, because it defeats the point of being indie. Indie is about being independent, therefore, following your own style and own opinions. Someone who is really indie will dress how they want to, look how they want to (though i guarantee that the jeans, hoody, messy hair look will be popular) and listen to whatever music they want to. most importantly, to not care what others think, and to be universally accepting to every genre of music, and not just write it off because it doesn't fall into a certain category.
Being truly indie is really like being "none of the above".
Guy 1: That girl's indie because she listens to arctic monkeys and wears dresses that look like they're from the 1960's
Guy 2: That doesn't make her indie, that just means she looks like someone who has been inspired by the indie scene

Guy 3: Look at the indie kids gathered outside starbucks. They all look the same.

guy 4: They probably aren't all indie then, most of them probably just like the idea of being indie.
by Samwiez September 27, 2010
Stop talking about indie.
Everyone likes indie, stop talking about it.
by Danyes August 10, 2006
In Britain:
An alternative type of music that often has deep meaningful lyrics or can have ironic story like lyrics. Vocals tend to be mild, somber and heartfelt and music involves guitars /and or piano and drums. Acustic guitars are a favourite. The result is downbeat, beautiful rock that has alot of meaning. People that listen to indie can be anyone; but people that wear cord blazers, worn jeans and scarves are often catorised as Indie. Oh why do we have these genres???
"Yey! I love that new Snowpatrol album!"
by Jennifer April 09, 2004
most are down to earth,
like people who recycle, use non-harmful to enviornment products etc.
yes it does stand for independant,
usually these people do not like labels and go for the labels suck routine,
they listen to a lot of bands that are "underground" such as the hush sound, and death cab for cutie which are some of the more popular bands.
no not all of them are bitchy and don't listen to other people's opinions although some are.
most are pretty open-minded to others opinions but prefer to go along with there own.
they are usually out-casts that don't fit in in any stereo-typical group.
many despise the "hot topic" scene because they think it's just for a bunch of depressed people who can only think about death,
you can usually find them hanging out at:
urban out fitters,
coffee shops,
or shows.
most tend to be on the computer a lot.
as i have always said indie people come in different varieties,
they made this stereotype for the people who didn't really fit in in just one area.
and i must say that they have the best fucking music i have ever heard.
indie kidd
by melissa hillis July 24, 2008
clique: a kid in high school or college who likes indie music, is usually intelligent, buys what they want and doesnt take shit from anybody, and can either be unpopular or popular with all other cliques (except for the cheerleaders, whose slutty shallow personalities won't talk to indie girls because they don't have a Gucci purse). Indie kids are usually witty and funny (in a quirky way).

INDIE IS NOT EMO OR GOTH. Those kids are a few steps farther to the pissed off side of life than indie kids. Most indie kids are happy =D

not sure, but most indie kids i know are democrats.
Cheerleader: hey, eww, indie kid!

Jock: that's my girlfriend.

Nerd: That's my lab partner.

Funny girl: that's my bff!

Cheerleader: but she's wearing UO!

Jock: yeah, well she's hotter than you. and she listens to cool music. =]

Nerd: she gets better grades than me too.

Funny girl: she's HILARIOUS!

Indie girl: basically, i'm me, and i'm happier than any cheerleader.

Cheerleader: hmph! whateverr slut.

Indie girl: scuse me, i dont open my legs to passing men. =]
by elin =] September 16, 2007
Independant, You dont wallow in self pitty, every indie person is different thats part of being indie,
Indiekid:Hey guess what?
Emo/anyone Else: what?
IndieKid: I got an obscure Sonic Youth Cd
Emo:Sonic Youth?
Indie: Well maybe you'll know Pavement
Emo: nope but i got a new My Chemical Romance Cd I think a whole bunch of us are gonna go cry afterwards.
Indie:Shit, forget all of those names of the bands i just stated cause if u emo ppl listen to them ull just ruin it
by nerd Sheek August 24, 2005
An indie will never tag themself as indie but will reiceve the tag from the people and peers around's about being yourself.

It isn't a trend, it's a way. Your just like that. An indie has their style and no matter how much copperates target wannabes. Wannabe can never be indie because indie means independant / not mainstream -completly different to sell out "indie" stuff like (vans and pennyboards).

-Indies are indie because of their taste in music. It also sets out the real indies from the fake. Their taste is alternative and indie.
-The Arts are a big part of indie life.
-Indies dont mind what other people think of them. But they still try to look good/presentable.
- They have vintage looking taste and will stay away from mainstream trends.
- The reason i don't list what clothes they wear is because only wannabe indies would care.

Big mistake people make:
- Indies think they are more superior then everyone else. They don't think that they look like that because they don't respond to the glares of judgement from the scene.
-Indies hate all mainstream music. They will mostly stay away from it but may sometime enjoy a song in the top 40. What they hate is cooperates selling bands advertising them as mainstream.
-Indies are Emo, this one will probably piss an indie off the most. Emos basically stole the indie look and made it all black.
Indies dont mind what other people think of them. But they still try to look good/presentable.
~Wannabe indie: Wakes up with bed hair goes out in public
~Indie Guy: wakes up combs hair, styles it to look like bed hair.

~ Wannabe indie (tries to be indie): I'm so indie i got some vans and downloaded snow patrol they so rule.
~ Indie: You could never be indie because indie can't be bought.

~Wannabe Indie: Goes on the internet to see what a indies wears so they could go to school thinking their indie.

~ Wannabe Girl Indie: Im so indie i like love the indie music and the pennyobards are so cool like thats sooo indie. Indie like totally rule. Ekkkkkkkk
~ Indie Girl: You could never be an indie even if your life depended on it. No website on the world would tell you how to be indie.

Call yourself Indie. Your not indie if you do that. If you think you need to do that for people to think your "cool" then you are a wannabe indie.
by Case study: Indie March 02, 2012

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