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a group or clique that is in every highschool, they are the definition of pure unadulterated suck age, they listen to different music every day of the week, they are the losers of the school united because they start getting into drugs, there will always be one kid who hangs out with the indie clique until the group thinks hes a psychopath just because he doesnt care about their shitty music, doesnt dress like them, and so they outcast him and the common bond that ties indie kids together is talking about that person behind their back.

Indie is fake, their not about the music their all about the scene, nobody in an indie clique actually understands anything about music theory so their opinions about music are literally null to anyone else.

Indie parties tend to be boring gatherings of about 10 people smoking a bong and passing around a blunt and talking about "philosophy" which if it is heard by anyone not under the influence will sound totally inept and possibly retarded...

indie is shit, indie is garbage, indie is not the new punk movement, indie isnt even a movement, its just bullshit, \

if you get angry at all or lose your cool with indie kids they will slowly but surely outcast you...

indie kids all want to start bands but they all disagree and have so many different and pretentious musical tastes that anything a group of these so called indie kids makes ends up sounding like shit...

even the bands that indie kids listen to which are bands like mogwai, modest mouse and the flaming lips, think indie sucks, because its a fruitless movement a waste of time,

the people that make the music that the indie kids listen to are usually the types of kids that the indie cliques outcasted and forgot about, because they werent chill enough,

that is the fatal flaw of indie,

indie is a trap...

and it will suck you in like a cheap whore. all you have to do is wear shitty clothes and smoke weed...
indie kid- man this new mogwai cd is the shit, look at us were so indie, haha that bitch mark probably wishes he was here, but hes not indie enough, besides i think he has an anger problem or bipolar or something.

mark- damn... my life sucks... all my friends are gone and have outcasted me, i think i'll write a song...

mogwai- god look at all these faggot kids, is this "indie" some new scene or something, fuck it, lets play our tunes and take their money, these bitches aint shit.
by teh_k1netik May 04, 2009

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