a label that people just don't understand that fucking concept of.
"indies" tend to dress in plaid flannels, wear thick rimmed glasses, any "vintage" band tees, bandanas, ray bans, converse, etc etc.
although they strive to stand out & not follow trends, they usually turn out to look just like every other "indie kid" out there, much like emos, scenes, etc..
individual doesn't mean go out there and dress in vintage clothes, it means to do what YOU want do. not to do what OTHERS don't do. most people who claim to be indies try way too hard to not be like others. long story short, a true individual is open to things and doesn't try to be anything, just do or dress whatever way they want.
'Indie' kid: yeah i went to Urban Outfitters, i'm soooo indie!
True individual: oh their clothes are pretty cute. how is it indie?
'Indie' kid: because no one shops there and im sooo original for wearing their clothes.
True individual: haha a lot of people shop there ya'know..
'Indie' kid: fuck.

True individual: huh, Green Day isn't too bad...
'Indie' kid: uuggghhh i hate them!
True individual: what's wrong with 'em?
'Indie' kid: too much people listem to them {indie kid bitches for hours about how it's "unoriginal" and tries to sound like a genius}
True individual: ha, so you won't give it a chance just because people listen to them?
'Indie' kid: Exactly.
True individual: uh, just because some bands don't have many listeners doesn't mean their automatically musical geniuses...
'Indie' kid: *blank stare* {in her head she's panicing because she just got outsmarted}
True individual: mhm...
by idontreallygiveafuck July 13, 2010
Indie means independent right? so it means pretty much any band that releases an album or song independantly without using major record companies. so a rocker could release an album by himself and its Indie. A rapper could then theoretically release an album by himself and he'd technically also be indie. A techno song could be Indie. so could pop, grunge, metal, jazz, etc etc. as long as its released independently.

So why the FUCK do people keep calling it a genre?
Person 1: My favourite genre of music is rap.

Person 2: I hate rap, i loooove Indie though. Especially Atmosphere.

Person 1: But he's a rapper........
by MakTheRipper November 15, 2009
listen, "indie" is not a genre of music. It means independent music - think like the bohemian lifestyle. There is no such thing as indie music versus rap music or whatever the fuck you want to compare it to. It represents an era, not one certain type of music. get is right.
Be indie in everything you do.
by i am always right. September 07, 2006
derived from the word 'individual' usualy reffering to an unsigned band or film, there is really no such thing as an 'indiekid' because indie is not a style but a genre of some sort of art music, film making etc. If you call yourself an indie kid then you are most likely a tryhard loser. Oh and if you own rayban sunglasses and/or a pair of docmartins, this does not make you indie infact quite the opposite. A real indie kid, if there was one would do their own thing dress truely different to everyone else and not get angry and write them letters of abuse if someone copied them. Oh and if you use im or shortened words i.e. wt, omg, devo etc. you are NOT indie and never will be.
Tryhardindiekid: omg I totes like found death cab for cutie before they were cool i was like the first one to listen to them and now everyones totes into them thanks to me I'M SO ANNOYED THEY'RE COPYING ME OMFG

Actualindiekid: Well I highly doubt you 'found them' seeing as they formed the band and unless you're personally friends with them I also highly doubt you were the first one to listen to them.

Tryhardindiekid: whatevs, lolz!
by CnefniursbfgMnfwiufbgFifbiswbH October 10, 2010
Someone who makes all their facebook profile pictures a sepia tone, shaves either sides of their heads, tries really hard to try and secretly act cool, and is actually a looser trying to find a different vent for their looserness than emo.
Tristan is trying so hard to be indie
by hearmymeow October 03, 2010
Indie (Independent) a social movement hijacked by the recent generation of trust fund children, subsisting on checks from their parents, in an attempt to credit themselves with creating something original and/or being 'independent'.

Indie kids are identifiable by their shabby garb, coupled with their ray-ban glasses and brand new cars.
Phil- "Man there go those indie kids riding their fixed gear road bikes to the local coffee house"

Dan- "Amazing how they're all paying the rent for their houses by being 'writers' 'singers' and 'songwriters'."

Phil- "I know.. it's almost like.. their parents pay for everything"

Dan- "Oh well, lunch break's over and those bills don't pay themselves"
by Kazooble July 14, 2009
The music- a genre that isn't a genre, and is only used as a genre by stupid people who don't know what genre the band/song actually is, so they resort to calling it indie. (<woah, I confused myself)

The people- according to the other definitions, the internet, and people at school...I'm an indie...but I don't think so. (I AM A NERD!)Sort of like the "genre" a label used when one doesn't know what label applies...
Me-So, what genre do YOU think Fleet Foxes is?
stupidperson- *thinks-uh...no idea* It's so indie!
Me- *hits head with hand*

SP- lemme see your ipod!
Me- oookkkkaaaayyyy...
SP- just what I thought, you are sooooo indie! You can tell by how you dress and all that indie music proves it...ou probably worship pitchfork, don't you?
ME- #1 noooo, #2 don't even get me started. #3 I dress this way because I feel like it, I didn't even know it was "indie"... #4 Uh...I just agree with pitchfork a lot. It's a freaking coincidence!
SP- oh, don't get upset. It's deck that your indie.
Me- Did you honestly say the word deck?
SP- yeah, it's indie.
Me- bye, I've got a robotics club meeting.
SP- RObotics that's not cool!
Me- do I look like I care?!

so apparently, that^ is what indie is...the definition of stupid people.

(DFTBA folks, and decrease worldsuck by not saying indie)
by Eleanor Rigby reincarnated July 05, 2009

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