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mainstream radio stations that throw the shit that record companies call good music at you. They say it is cool and attempt to brainwash you into thinking the same. The fact is corporate radio sucks and you would all be better off turning off your radio and driving to the cool sound of silence
that corporate radio dj said that emo is cool, but i know it sucks.
by iggy May 01, 2004
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Most of the stations you hear everyday (the exception usually being small indie stations, college stations, some classical, folk, and jazz stations, and some Spanish stations which are sometimes illegal and/or unauthorized).
They aren't too bad, but they always play the SAME songs every single day despite claiming to have "today's hottest music" or "the best new music" or something like that. When you hear a good song on there, it's probably a sign that the song is getting old. They also play a lot of good songs to death. This is not usually the DJs' fault, because they are only allowed to play certain songs on a corporate playlist provided by their parent company. (the biggest parent company is Clearchannel).
Despite this, many have good morning shows with funny hosts to make up for the fact that they can only play certain songs.

Some of these stations are oldies, country, alternative, Spanish, or 70s and 80s oriented, but they still play a lot of the same songs all the time.
It would be nice if all the "mix" stations out there would actually have a bit more variety and play stuff by lesser known or popular underground artists.
Ex. I was listening to the radio today and it seems like all they played was Lifehouse, Gwen Stefani, the Goo-Goo Dolls, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "Holiday", some mid-90's stuff, and John Mayer. So much for "variety".
by andriod5 August 28, 2005
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