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The definition of sweaty has been different from person to person ever since it began in the UK (Manchester, Doncaster, Hull area), so here's the REAL definition of it.

A sweaty is someone who listens to heavy metal or any other kind of metal (except nu metal) this includes death metal. They wear REALLY WIDE SHOES that fall off if they run and look really dumb. They also wear jeans (or skater trousers) too long for them that go over their shoes and then some (sometimes rolled up in summer or to expose their shoes). They have chains attached to their jeans (for some reason) and a belt that hangs down with metal studs on them. They wear hoodies or really big shirts that hang all the way down to their knees almost and pass their hands like their jeans do with their feet (sometimes rolled up aswell)! They have wrist bands with spikes or bones on them and a dog collar. Their shirt/hoodie MUST have a name of a band on it or their a sweaty wannabe. They have long hair like a mop head that is
either curly, or twice as long at the back. They have iPods glued to their ears playing really loud and annoying music, (heavy metal). They sometimes wear a cap, or have a skateboard but that's to 'look cool', they can't skate.

The confusion of the word sweaty started when the words goth, emo, skater and indie came around in the 80's and 90's so the chav (townie) term for sweaty is anyone who likes rock music or has long hair.
"Why do your trousers and shirt cover your hands and feet?"

"Because I'm a sweaty!"
by :x-y-z: July 23, 2006
Someone who likes Alternative Rock and doesn't care what other people think of him/her. They are sometimes rideculed by morons who listen to shit music eg. TFI, Heavy Metal, Punk, Emo music, Pop and any other music that hasn't really got any REAL lyrics besides, a screech, a mumble, a sware word, and something to do with love.

Indies wear whatever they want and are the smartest people you could think of without being nerds! Most indies, don't even know they are indies because of their strong dislike of labelisation. Indies are very cool, and so different from eachother, the only thing they would have in common is listening to Alternative Rock, and hating lots of other music genres.

If you are a moron, you would only listen to music that sounds like something you've heard before which is already shit by someone who doesn't know how to sing, but 'makes up for it' by screaming loudly, mumbling, or playing his instrument really loudly to cover his voice up.

If you are smart, you'd listen to whichever music sounds new and you don't know which style it is. 9/10 says it'll be alternative music.
Chav: *plays music on phone really loud for attention*
Indie: Turn that down, it is shit!
Chav: Shurrup ya sweaty bastard
Indie: *laughs at how dumb the person is*
by :x-y-z: July 23, 2006
A moron with no friends or is homosexual. Therefore, their brain(s) is full of or made of smegma.
Bell end: I do it because black people do.
Other person: Your not black.
Bell end: *Looks at skin* Oh yeah!
Other person: Smegma brains.
by :x-y-z: July 22, 2006
1. An internet username (pronounced 'ziz')
2. 'examine your zipper'
3. Something rude when searched on google images (see "bell end")
4. a noun or number one doesn't know
5. a big number
6. something to replace a common word (pronounced 'ziz' or 'X Y Z')
1. username: xyz
2. John, XYZ
3. you'll know when you search for it
4. "Get off the X Y Z."
5. "You have X Y Z points."
6. "It was Dave xyz Andrew."
by :x-y-z: June 09, 2006
1. Someone who has red/pink/purple/rosie cheeks or skin.
2. Someone who has blushed and looks red all over
3. Someone with no friends

(if it's a girl, then one would say 'clit' as a replacement.)

4. A picture on google images if one types in 'xyz'.
5. The end of a penis that looks 'bell-shaped' sorta.
That boy is red like a bell end.
by :x-y-z: June 08, 2006

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