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The best band ever. Period.
Hot Hot Heat owns your unborn children.
by Liza October 04, 2003
Started off as a syth-pop band but evolved into the most awesome Dance-Punk Indie band the world has ever seen. Their albums are Scenes One Through Thirteen, Make up the Breakdown, and Elevator. Buy them, worship them.
Intelligent, Educated Person: I WANT HOT HOT HEAT TO HAVE MY BABIES!
by Lee Booyet June 10, 2006
A talented quartet, from CANADA! Well 3/4 of them and the Gorgeous American, that is Dancy, Gorgeous, Nice, Care for their fans, make beautiful dancesingcalm music that is a blessing to my ears. And are Hot! , Hot Heat!!!
1.Damn! its Hot today! No! , its Hot Hot Heat.
2.I love you as much as i love Hot Hot Heat! that says something about you!
by violeta August 29, 2006
Uh, excuse me, but before that BAND STOLE the phrase for their own personal gain, Hot Hot Heat was an expression used to convey very torrid temperatures.
Person #1: Why darling, you look positively roasted! Why are you all flushed and sweating?
Person #2: Because, Chickpea, I've been out in the hot hot heat for over an hour!
by Madcapgirl November 08, 2003
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