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Arse is an Israeli slang word for someone, usually male, who listens to loud, shitty trance and arabic music, wears too-tight jeans, Pumas, and track jackets (usually all in bright colors), and is generally a dick. Arseim (the plural version) can be found at shopping malls, wandering around and generally pissing everyone off with their monumental lameness.
"What a fucking arse,"
"Seeing as I am a really huge arse, I'm going to go spend my mother's money on a new pair of Adidas and then skulk around like a dick for a while."
by samothrace May 17, 2006
As a fashion statement-- indie is the less pathetic step-sibling of emo. It dresses better, is smarter, gets more dates, and has a slightly firmer grip on reality. It must be said, though, that although Indie doesn't cry at shows like Emo does, he/she will go home and cry ABOUT shows while writing in his/her journal. (see excerpt below)
The Fruit Bats show tonight was so fucking amazing. There was this one part when they went into like this twenty minute jam session and..oh my god. I actually died a little.

*tear strikes the page. the ink bleeds. indie cred skyrockets*
by samothrace May 17, 2006

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