A gloriously vague term for Independant Music. Basically unsigned or more obscure bands (It's odd that Radiohead and REM are considered indie...). While the indie scene is known for it's jackass elitism, this doesn't spill over and hurt what's most important....the music. One of the few generas left that can at least carry a fucking tune without screaming like a retard or crying.

(Examples of Indie music)

80's- Joy Division, Sonic Youth, The Smiths

90's- Pavement, Radiohead, The Pixies, Happy Mondays (Are they considered dance music or indie rock?).

Now- The Shins, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service, Rilo Kelly, Modest Mouse.
Indie Kid- "Do you guys carry Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain by Pavement or Closer by Joy Division?

Confused FYE Employee- "Uhh, no. We do have a wall of My Chemical Romance albums on the wall behind you".

Indie Kid- "Fuck"
by The Dude December 18, 2004
as a mindset, a movement that revolves around choosing music, clothing and general culture based on their individual benefits and 'pros' so to speak; also could be incarnated in one who isnt overly pretentious because of someone else's opinions. Not to be confused with indie yuppies who are typically malinformed rich white kids, elitist about their tastes whilst not quite having the intellect to back up their own opinions.
typical indie attitude towards daily happenings:

I like the shins based on the atmosphere that their songs give, and the way in which they alter my mood, not just because i saw them on garden state.

This brand isn't particualrly 'cool' but i like this shirt so i will buy it and not fuck around because someone else doesnt
by english___p October 06, 2006
it has been said many different ways. But "indie" is very broad and encompasses a lot. Its not always a person who tries to go against the main stream-but just someone who likes what isn't popularized... Indie is what something is before its watered down and presented for basic and massive culture. Yes some people who like indie music are proud and can be sarcastic to those that do not try to further their tastes beyond mtv, radio and mega cd stores. Indie-"kids" tend to hunt out more for music.
Indie can also appeal to hip hop, electro, baile funk, and every catagory-since it justs means independent.
music kid: i love death cab, and the killers- their so indie!
Indie person: Actually they're quite mainstream, try again. Instead perhaps: Red paintings, silversun pickups, the knife, Dresdon Dolls, Clouddead, CocoRosie, SpankRock, Diplo, Hot chip, Muslimgauze, Milosh, Neon Blonde, Nouvelle Vague, Rasputina, Von Iva, and Arcade Fire!
by mmm, good music is tasty October 26, 2006
it's a word shortened from independent for a reason. indie isn't something you can copy or try to be and it's not supposed to be a sterotype. you can't try to dress like an indie kid because then you'll be a poser. and there's no real definition because indie is whatever everyone else isn't and whatever you are. everyone is trying to make it into a style and it's about the music anyways, and originality
"indie films are always the best, especially because no one knows about them"
by evan marie July 10, 2008
Indie is a term used to describe Independent music. It is music that is less commercial and generally has a more unique sound but will sometimes end up sounding like other indie bands. Now most people on here are basically using bands like Arcade Fire, The Shins, ect. to describe Indie music. However the word indie means much more than alt rock, and basically includes like a million subgenres.
Indie can be rap.
Indie can be folk (it is a lot of the time).
Indie can be pop.
Indie is often international music.
INDIE IS NOT JUST ALTERNATIVE ROCK. Unless you are referring to mainstream "indie" bands. Then usually they will be.
Kid #1: Well what bands do you like?
Indie kid: The Vaselines, Belaire, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Aesop Rock, Devendra Banhart a lot of random indie shit.
Kid #1: Indie? Oh like The Arctic Monkeys right???
Indie kid: No.
by Brooke R. January 08, 2008
Indie, speaking of a person, is short for "individualist"; unless spoken for music, it's short for "independent." Indie is the new hippie. Definitely one cool kid, but doesn't conform to "trendy-coolness." Off-beat and unique. Cool in a different way; isn't afraid to speak of differences, because they know their quiet sometimes outspoken confidence is envied. Indies are totally into community: indie bands have huge support groups. Indies are very defensive of their music. Their awesomeness is proven when they are talking about their favorite bands, and no body has ever heard of them before.
trendy kid: i love rap.
indie kid: i hate rap.
trendy kid: my favorite singer is kelly clarkson.
indie kid: my favorite singer is regina spektor.
trendy kid: i love these shoes right now, they are soo popular, i wish i had some!
indie kid: i hate these shoes right now, they are so popular, i would never wear them.
trendy kid: you are so indie.
indie kid: proud of it. whoa baby.
by wit goshhhhhh. April 03, 2006
Although often defined as a certain musical category, technically indie would apply to all types of music without a record label. So a person rapping on the corner of a steet without a record label could easily be considered indie just as some weird obscure band. But most people are dumb and dont realize this, so the word indie in general usually applies to rock bands no one heard of.

Lame Biter Bitch: what type of music do you listen to?
Me: what ever i feel like.
Lame Biter Bitch: so like whats your favorite band?
Me: um, modest mouse i guess.
Lame Bitch: oh, i listen to indie, like boys like girls.
Me: you are a dumb bitch. that did not make any fucking sense.
by yoamanda May 12, 2007

short for independant
musicians with an individual sound
usually soft, beautiful, and meaningful (to the artist and fans at least) or upbeat and danceable.

very devoted fan base, at least in the past.
doesnt care if you make fun of it, because its just that cool.

isnt really indie anymore since its been mainstreamed by movies such as garden state.
however indie will fade from the scene in a short while and those left will once again be respectable.

explosions in the sky, sigur ros, godspeed you black emperor, damien rice, jonathon rice, elliot smith, rilo kiley, tegan and sara, joanna newsom, regina spektor

i dont call meself indie
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