2 definitions by shaunyeah?

Form of rock music, short for independent. Bands such as the Libertines, the Cribs, Dirty Pretty Things the Coral etc are indie bands, however, bands such as razorlight, the wombats, the feeling are indie pop, and should all be shot dead
"Carl Barat is indie"

"Why do people think scouting for girls are indie? They're a shite pop group!"
by shaunyeah? April 01, 2008
low life scum-bags who tax the hard workin british citizen in order to pay for scummy unemployed wankers and smelly immigrant to live a happy life without having to contribute to society in any way
that fucking communist gordon brown letting more immigrants into the country, god help us - realistic right wingers view

lets free all our prisoners and give terrorists luxury homes and new identities - inbred left-winger
by shaunyeah? April 01, 2008

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