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Modern Warfare 2 is the second coming of Modern Warfare! The trailer was released a while back and loads of people went crazy as they seen perks in the corner! It was probably never going to be made, but World at War sucked so much they needed to get the fans back.
Guy 1: Hey have you seen the Modern Warfare 2 trailer?

Guy 2: No, haven't been doing much else, but hanging with my girlfriend since I leveled up on Prestige 10 on cod4!

Guy 2's girlfriend: Hey, what is Modern Warfare 2?

Guy 2: Your replacement when this hot piece of gaming heaven comes out muhahahahahaha lolzzzzz!

Guy 1: Haha, bitch!!
by Stekop1 May 05, 2009
Something of deep quality that deserves credit of being both spectacular and fantastic thus 'Spectastic'
Football 'soccer' commentator: That goal by Steven Gerrard was spectacular and yet fantastic at the very same time infact it was spectastic.

Me: Have you seen Megan Fox in the new Transformers trailer?
Friend: No?
Me: She's looking pretty spectastic in it, to be fair.
Friend: Sweet.
by Stekop1 March 17, 2009
Are into very obscure bands and newish bands until they become mainstream
Indie 'Hey do you like Black Rebel Motorcylce Club?

Wannabe 'Never heard, Oh but I love Arctic Monkeys.

Indie 'You dick, I told you about them about three fucking years ago, go and listen to The Courteeners, quick!

Wannabe 'Okay, I'm really sorry.'
by Stekop1 November 23, 2007
A person who will only begin following (And I say following in the loosest way possible) the goings on in the English Barclays Premier League near to the end of the season when the exciting stuff happens (i.e. the Spring months of late March, April and May)
Idiot: I can't wait for the game tonight! Liverpool are taking on Chelsea in the Champions League quarter final tonight, come on Fernando Torres!
Me: Did you see it when we played them at their ground in October?
Idiot: Yeah, we owe them for that!
Me: Oh them for what? We beat them...
Idiot: I see...
Me: Get out of my face, spring supporter
by Stekop1 April 17, 2009

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