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Music of bands on independent labels. It is often mistaken as emo however, indie music is just better than emo music at so many levels and in so many ways. The lyrics are meaningful, clever and the tunes are generally pleasent and clever for the ears too as opposed to the fakely depressing, nasal-sounding moanings and whinings which emos call music. I'd say all emos should just go kill themselves because they obviously have no knowledge of music.

Cool Kid "Oh yeah, what's the name of that song by that indie band My Chemical Romance?"

Indie Kid (-thinks "fuck off and die"-) says "fuck off and get some musical knowledge. And grow some charisma and perhaps some sticky outy ears while you're at it. But you're not smart enough to do all those things so you might as well just die."

Cool Kid "God, i thought you were an indie kid."

Indie Kid "Just go, get away from me now!"
by ZZzzamy November 05, 2006

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