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straight up coke, good shit too
Get me a eigth of bud and a gram of yey, i gotta get fucked.
by piersma February 03, 2004
An unusual way of spelling yay. ^-^
Yey! XD
by Turtleness August 26, 2003

The better way of saying Yay
I'm so excited about the job promotion Yey!
by Yey101 December 30, 2011
What people in palm beach county say when they don't want to say yah or yea they say YEY
krazie: ay you got that hoes number?

marcos: whitch one?

krazie: da 1 from last night

Marcos: Yey!

Krazie: oh aight
by 56ACE-BITCH! August 02, 2011
something ice cube says twice coz he feels like it. its his thing
ice cube says: "YEY YEY!"
by yey yey September 29, 2003

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