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Is a person who thinks what they know about something is correct but it isn't. They will even argue to you about them being correct. If you try to show them the fact on the subject, they wont even look because they know that they are right and in there minds they don't need to look at a FACT. In there minds, they would just be looking at what they all ready know.
I know a person who is so Ignorant, I will not even talk to him any more.
Example: One day he told me that the only way you can catch poison ivy, is if the stem is broken and then it rubs on you. Well I couldn't believe he said that. Being as I know how he is, I went to a government forest web site and looked up the word "Poison Ivy". I saved the link and E-Mailed it to him so he could see the FACTS on it, so in the future he wouldn't look so Ignorant. I then called him on the phone and told him I just sent an E-Mail. I waited on the phone while he clicked the E-Mail. I told him to click the link on Poison Ivy. When he saw the words Poison Ivy in the link, he started getting mad and refused to click it. I told him that the site tells about all the poison ivy's that there is and the facts on them. He Said he wasn't going to click to that site because he had to much work to do and didn't have time for this kind of B.S..He then hung up on me. This guy doesn't work and has no social life. To this day he still thinks this is the only way to catch Poison Ivy. THAT'S IGNORANT!!!!
by Eric Costa August 28, 2007
adj. lacking knowledge
half of the people on this website are ignorant and should learn to spell. especially those stupid cynical bastards who contradict themselves.
by norbert April 13, 2003
A term used by certain minorites to describe anyone who is pissing them off. Ironically, ask them what it means, and they won't have a clue. All you'll get as an answer is a clenched fist to the head (for being ignorant of course).
Student: Can I use the restroom?
Teacher: Not right now.
Student: Man, you is fuckin' ignorant!
by Janis February 01, 2005
1. Having the lack of knowledge, or background/factual information of a particular thing in general. However, the effect in which this person will be proceeding with their "unproven knowledge" imbedded in their mind as if factual information, they, in turn, will plan on using it in the future to make false and incorrect statements based on what they didn't know about the particular thing, or may have heard as a majority of votes for.

And being ignorant does not mean stupid. There's a big difference between the two words.
1. During World War Two, in an American city(in the U.S.), two ignorant policemen arrested an Asian man who is in charge of a small store because he looked like a Chinese spy when he was really Japanese and not a spy.

2. Derek walked up to Shavam, noticing that he looked like he was from India, and asks him, "Are you Indian?" Shavam replies, "Yes." Derek then asks, "Say somethin' Indian." Shavam, confused, walks off. Kaitie, who was watching the whole conversation, walks up to Derek and tells him he is ignorant because of what he said.

3. Rebecca turned on a lamp and the bulb went out, so she went to get a new lightbulb, leaving the lamp switched to "ON". Freddy, her ignorant little brother, saw the bulbless lamp, and wondered what would happen if he stuck his finger in the lightbulb socket of the lamp, not knowing that he would get shocked.
by The Emolah(aka Emily Valentine) February 17, 2006
If you don't know what this means, then you are ignorant.
He was very ignorant.
by IGNORANCE January 06, 2005
Lacking knowledge or information, See ignant.
Ignorant Person: I hate Spanish food, taco bell sucks.

Smart Person: Taco bell isn't spanish food, it's supposed to be Mexican food, and it's just sloppy fast food, if you want real mexican food check out a family owned resturant.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
A term used by black people to describe a ghetto nigga who always blaming other people for their lack of responsibility for their actions when they are doing dumb shit.
ghetto nigga: Man you was over there fighting for bush these crackers don't give a damn about us.

black man: Maybe if you stop acting like a niggah then maybe people won't have to treat you like one. You can't blame the white man for nothing because he did'nt tell you to drop out of school like a dumbass and go out on the corner and sell dope. The white man didn't tell you to go rob and kill up one another so you can end up in jail. That is the choice that you made so you can't blame the white man for shit because half of ya'll ignorant ass niggahs don't even vote when it comes to election day and then you wonder why times is so hard because you bring it upon yourself.
by A.J. Dunn April 28, 2008
People who summarize entire races and/or cultures in one or very little experiences with those types of people; people who are bigots and say rash comments about entire races and/or cultures withe very little knowledge.
ignorant people use stereotypes by saying that immigrants come to the United States by boat and illegally.
by deshan November 14, 2006