A term used by black people to describe a ghetto nigga who always blaming other people for their lack of responsibility for their actions when they are doing dumb shit.
ghetto nigga: Man you was over there fighting for bush these crackers don't give a damn about us.

black man: Maybe if you stop acting like a niggah then maybe people won't have to treat you like one. You can't blame the white man for nothing because he did'nt tell you to drop out of school like a dumbass and go out on the corner and sell dope. The white man didn't tell you to go rob and kill up one another so you can end up in jail. That is the choice that you made so you can't blame the white man for shit because half of ya'll ignorant ass niggahs don't even vote when it comes to election day and then you wonder why times is so hard because you bring it upon yourself.
by A J Dunn April 28, 2008
The exact meaning of this word can be found in comments and/or everyday activities done by Matt AKA Achped from gopednation.
He lives in florida, and denies being a hick.
"I thought Enzo was its own car company in Germany?

Who the fck cares, its not American anyways." Achped.

"I hate SoCalians. 98% of them do things that are just weird." Achped

can you get any more ignorant?
by t rev er November 13, 2005

Stupid people.
I'm surrounded by a bunch of ignorants!!
by DLM June 04, 2005
a fool, one lacking knowledge or sophistication. politicians are quite ignorant. most of them of the left wing. see also liberal.
liberals care for everyone except for the straight white man. liberals are ignorant.
by independan­t July 16, 2006
to be silly or say something out of the blue that is not really related to the conversation, can be used to describe a close friend in a good way(slang)
"Dont you know its Black History Month?"

"It is? I always thought it was called Represent Month."

"Lol, wow your ignorant."
by Lolo4sho March 21, 2010
Someone who has to look up ignorant on urban dictionary.
Billy lived in a swamp for 14 years, so he was ignorant of world outside of banging his sister.
by IchBinDerMuzzy January 08, 2010
XBOX 360 Fanboy's
People who support the 360 more than anything else are ignorant people.
by Mister Z March 13, 2009

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