Contrary to popular belief, being ignorant is not direct stupidity, but simply being "Ignore-ant" in other words, choosing not to listen to obvious fact.
Explorer: The Earth is round i tell you! The Earth is round!!

Ignorant Mob: Burn him!! Burn him alive!
by Dominicjm January 26, 2008
ignorance isn't all about what black people say, fuck what the black people say and worry about it yourself, ignorance is not know something, and shows no attempt to know it...has nothing to do with blacks.
-all black people say ignorant!
-...that's a fucking ignorant statement right there
by deejaysjoosijays April 16, 2007
alot of people, especially on this site. someone who sees a situation from their own point of view and thinks they're right no matter what because they can't see it from any other angle.
That kid over there is a loser with no life and is a complete idiot caus hes smoking weed/drinking underage...

(the person saying that would be ignorant)
by jimmy January 22, 2005
Means that you have a lack of knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular....

It Does not mean that someone is ignoring you! O.O
Person 1: Ugh, I can't believe "person 2" isn't replying to my messages!!! How ignorant!!!
Person 2: ....Well then, I guess I'll be getting you a dictionary for Christmas.
by HayleyHiccupBuscus December 05, 2013
1) Lacking knowledge.

2) Slang: Insult used to describe another party as stupid and/or prejudiced. Often used incorrectly as the most ignorant parties in a debate tend to call others ignorant to make up for their own lack of information or prejudices.
1) Joseph is ignorant of any knowledge that might help him built a nuclear-powered engine with spare parts in his garage, so he's going to stick to what he knows and just go to an auto-repair shop.

2) Dr. Phillis's advice discouraged Shannon's promiscuous lifestyle so she called him an ignorant homophobe and covered her ears saying "bla bla bla I'm not listening" as he tried to explain the dangers of drug and sex abuse to her. What a cunt.
by Axiomatic June 25, 2009
a liberal's favorite word
guy 1: all im sayin is that i cant agree with abortion because it is still life.

liberal: your ignorant!!!
by Preezy P June 10, 2008
(a)A person who would rather do nothing than learn something.
(b)Someone who is unknowing and wanting not to know.
MAN:Come here and I'll show you how to use the new dishwasher.
WOMAN:No, I'd rather not know.
MAN:Quit being ignorant and get over here!

Your so ignorant, I'm suprised you ever learned how to breathe!

I wish my grandparents would stop being ignorant about computers so i could send them an e-mail

by J u l e s January 21, 2007
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