a liberal's favorite word
guy 1: all im sayin is that i cant agree with abortion because it is still life.

liberal: your ignorant!!!
by Preezy P June 10, 2008
1. 98.9% of people of Urban Dictionary esp the ones who can make a sexual meaning out of every word in the english langauge that has nothing to do with sex.

2. The opposite of someone who thinks "outside of the box"

3. Someone misinformed about something and wants to stay that way because they are too one-sided to go beyond the borders of the way they think.

4. Comes from a sense of immaturity and lack of knowledge of a certain subject or topic.
Ignorant person: "Why is Obama in the WHITE house? He's black."

Educated person: "God, you are so ignorant."
by lesserknown91 September 05, 2010
A word used quite often by stupid black people when they dont get their way or someone proves they are stupid in some way.
Dave: No, Tyrone, fried chicken is not the cure to AIDs.

Tyrone: Shu' up, you is jus' ignorant, you ignorant.
by DSD90 July 26, 2006
People who lack knowledge.

People who do/say stupid thing knowing what the results could be.

Someone who tries to tell someone about themselves, someone, or a group of people, When there not sure what they talking about, but HIGHLY believe they know what they are saying, is the truth.
X: How did you hurt yourself?

O: i was running on the brim of the pool,

when i slipped and fell.

X: Was is wet?

O: Yes!

X: Don't you think that was kinda of



A: I will never let my kids grow up in the Ghetto.

B: Do you know what the ghetto is?

A: Yes!

B: What?

A: It's where a bunch of black people


B: No! That's not true. The ghetto is a

poor community. All races live in the

ghetto. Just more blacks and hispanics

live in the ghetto. But whites are

there too.

A: No! That's NOT TRUE. My friend said the ghetto is: 'where a bunch of black people live'.

B: Well your just plain ignorant. I lived

in the ghetto my whole life, born and

raised. I know from first experience.

A: I know, i'm just telling u from what

i heard.

B: well the person who told you that is

by davonj89 May 07, 2009
Close-minded, stupid.
no further explanation.
by Saints October 12, 2003
The inability to understand or comprehend someone else's point of view.
Person 1: Insert controversial subject here is wrong.
Person 2: That's what you think.
Ignorant person 1: No, you are just stupid for saying that.
Ignorant person 2: At least I know I'm right.
by Relyk March 03, 2009
the lack of knowledge. 90% of the American public.
This country is in big trouble because most Americans are so dam ignorant about anything and everything.
by krock1dk August 18, 2007

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