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To ignore; the opposite of diggin'.
"Man, fuck that club! Them snobby skanks be iggin' me ruthless, cuz I ain't buyin' em drinks!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
129 34

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Ignoring someone or something
You hear me talkin' too you...Stop iggin' me.
by sugar April 14, 2003
27 11
Bothering , troubling greatly.

Chico DeBarge has a great song, "Iggin' Me".
"It's iggin' me, baby
To know you got a man..."
by Patty September 21, 2004
48 39
being ignorant towards another
damn fool why you iggin?
by gooboypoopoo May 09, 2003
19 50
1.a reframe from the word "nigga"
2.someone or somebody that is acting stupidly, or out of character.
3.A person that makes stupid decisions and has no regets on them.
That "iggin" does not know what he's doin.
That was a "iggin" move.
Same word, 2 different meanings

A great example would be when you ask someone to use something. They say no or have and excuse why not and then someone else asks' them and they say ok. Then you say that was a "iggin" move.
by Donovan Noel June 12, 2008
4 64