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the act of selling an item for way more than it's worth
the dude somehow managed to reframe his car's beat up hood for $500
by gtarsx December 06, 2006
Reframe -- n. "The Reframe." The signature move of the female professional wrestler Jewce, also known as the Boundary Enforcer, who came to the ring after earning a degree as a clinical psychologist. "The Reframe" is a submission hold where the the opponents left leg and right arm are held at right angles to each other, this approximating enclosing her opponent in a picture frame. Few opponents can contain the discomfort of "The Reframe" for more than five or six seconds.
In a preliminary bout, Jewce defeated Chyna by trapping her opponent in her signature Reframe submission hold at 7 minutes, 21 seconds of the one fall match.
by Writertoyou November 30, 2009
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