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a transormer that can turn into a carrot and talks in ebonics
niggatron is a decepticon
by patty January 24, 2005
Lick My Pussy!
if a guy is pissing you off, turn to him and say, "You know what (name)...LMP" and just walk away.
by Patty July 01, 2004
Nothing, as in zilch
by Patty September 15, 2003
Bothering , troubling greatly.

Chico DeBarge has a great song, "Iggin' Me".
"It's iggin' me, baby
To know you got a man..."
by Patty September 21, 2004
A joke shared between three AP European History dorks prior to an exam that they all failed. A play-off on the Fashoda Crisis.

Is an even more ghetto version of "fo sho" - means "fa sho, duh."

Credited to Cassie M. 3/21/05
"Heya, did you see that cute guy walk by?"

by Patty March 26, 2005
rigid shaft is the thing in a males pants in where the flabby skin becomes hard and stiff and is inmovable thus wise causing pleasure when stroke gently or pushed in and out of a hole that is pink and stinky
The man's rigid shaft was protruding from his pants and was clearly visible
by Patty December 08, 2004
Inviting people to go with you to your house or a pub or some such under the guise that you will be politely socializing, but instead poison and torment them, whether physically or mentally.
evil entertainter: wanna hang at my house later tonight?
unsuspecting person: sure! sounds fun!
evil entertainter: would you like some tea?
unsuspecting person: thanks!
evil entertainter: you know, you really are a nasty whore.
unsuspecting whore: well you are an entertainter! ugh i think im going to faint.
by patty August 28, 2005

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