Top Definition
1) to do it
2) something sick
1) you just have it to igg it.
2) i caught maw and dad going at it...igg it!
by x January 16, 2004
1. An "iggit" is slang for {idiot]. It most likely originated down South, probably by rednecks.
1. If that iggit does that again Ima blow his head off!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
someone who is completely idiotic.

someone who rolls playdough into stupid shapes like a star or galaxy.

completely selfabsorbed and thinks they know everything in the world but in reality knows absolutely nothing compared to a best friend who knows everything.
"OMG Maritn you know absolutely nothing!"
"Heck yeah i do."
"Your such an iggit"
by bruno-ism December 02, 2009

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