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the most amazing girl you will ever meet :]
"hey wanna chill with me and my best friend idalis?!"

by blovesg December 06, 2008
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
One who types consistantly in all caps.
by sixgunsamurai August 29, 2003
The feeling you get when you're in love, or really excited from a combination of things.
The idali in my mind was overflowing tonight.
by Adam Moreau August 29, 2003
n. proper.
A person and or person that I, svenmonk, shamelessly cyber-fornicate with, over and over again while pasting the logs to baphomet.
I need to find me a new idali. This one's into CFNM and I'm too crunk to be jive with this shit.
by svenmonk September 04, 2003
A deathmatch. The definition of idali is that while two men may enter, only one man leaves.
"Holy hell, James and Joshua have finally agreed to idali!"
"This is terrible! Don't try this at home!"
by kultur August 29, 2003
it's like when you think you're a great artist, but just when you think you've created your greatest masterpiece, for once in your life your art chiseled you!
I went to the museum today, and I saw the *greatest Idali ever*! I swear I thought that thing was going to eat me. So naturally when the guards walked away I had sex with it. When I got home I had babies. Does anybody want to buy one off Ebay?
by inhahe October 09, 2010

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