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19 definitions by betsy

Someone that you're dating that you think will become your future husband
Are you and your hubby going to the movies tonight?
by Betsy March 15, 2004
1306 601
It is a compliment towards someone. It roughly translates to, 'You are the coolest." Other adjectives could be in place of coolest, such as, most awesome, best and any other complimentary adjectives.
Bill exclaimed to Joe, "you're the shit!" after Joe took Bill to a party and had enormous amounts of fun.
by Betsy February 24, 2005
98 17
(n.) lusting over projects on craftster.org or the process of crafting.
Millie has her door shut and all I can hear is the rhythmic thudding and whirring of her sewing machine. I think she's craftsterbating again.
by betsy January 20, 2005
83 14
something that turns you on or something that looks really nice.
Break me off a piece of that ass.
by Betsy April 14, 2005
80 25
A bong or water pipe
Pass me the binger. Damn you broke my binger. Halo was a good binger.
by betsy January 18, 2005
143 95
a place where 95% of the uber scenesters and hip indie kids from all across the globe get together to show off their spiffy make-up, duds, do's and occaisionally don'ts as well.
Why hello, yes I believe I've seen you on madradhair as well.
by betsy February 26, 2004
69 25
inexpensive small packet of crackers with cheese or peanut butter filling
"Can we stop here and get some Nabs? I need a snack."
by Betsy September 30, 2004
170 127