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An adjective to describe people who cannot keep their hands to themselfs. A person who constantly touches, pokes, feels, rubs, or otherwise molests someone or something.
Be careful on your date with Toby tonight because I have heard he is very handsy with the ladies.
by Caesche October 15, 2004
tending to engage in inappropriate touching
Honey, watch out for my Uncle Bob. He's my handsy uncle.
by Pistol99 January 23, 2009
The perfect term to describe the male species. Used to describe guys who can't be near a female without resisting the urge to stick their hand down her pants, near her pants, on her boobs or on her butt.
I was just trying to cuddle but David kept getting handsy with me!

Jeff can't even sit near me without becoming handsy.
by Jtits January 16, 2013
To engage in inappropriate touching of another person with the hands. Left handed handsy's are the worst!!
Be careful on your date with Troy tonight, because i have heard he is very handsy with the ladies
by king kong 2011 April 06, 2011
An inocent way of flirting,where someone constantly hits or slaps another person's hands or quickly grabs them. Suppose to be repetitive if both people like each other. It can be like footsies, but with hands.

But, it's not always a way of flirting. Sometimes it's just something,kids or immature people do with friends or well known people, just to be silly. And sometimes, it's just a way of being silly, and might not even have a reason behind it.
Justin: "Did you see Courtni? She like tried to beat up my hands or something, and wouldn't stop hitting them! I think she's flirting!"
Tyler: "Yeah, dude! She's compley flirting! It's called handsies. You should know that by now. That's her way of saying 'Hey, I like you and I'd like to hold your hand, but I'm not going to tell you that. ' Man. "
by CauseIBeMe April 16, 2010
an extremly saccharine version of asking someone to hold hands together
"Hey Jason, give me handsies"
by loquacious81 March 03, 2007
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