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very awesome person and or thing
outstanding and extrodinary
pretty damn sexy
she's so freakin idalY!
by betsy February 27, 2005
The word Idalys is not commonly used. Idalys is an attractive, cute, hot, fine, sexy ass hoe. Idalys's are amazing because they live life to the fullest and dey dont care what you think. They are ladies in da streets butta freak in da sheets. <3
Daughter:When I grow up, I wanna be an Idalys.

Mom:Daughter everyone wants to be an Idalys.

Daughter: Ehh. I know mom. Ill just have to wait.
by iloveyoubaby:) January 06, 2009
A name given to to girls who are incredibly handsy. They like to be around people and are the life of the party. The only downside to an idaly is they are incredibly horny. All the time.
Look there's an Idaly, save yourself if you aren't in the mood for some lovin'
by Aidspanther July 13, 2011