terrible mp3 player marketed to ignorent people. being the only mp3 player with commercials and banner ads, people think its the only mp3 player that exists. other mp3 players that are better quality are usually half the price. for example, mp3 players by iriver and creative have features the ipod doesnt like internet radio capabilities.
person1: guess what! my ipod is busted! it keeps telling me to format it and re-upload my songs when ive done that 3 times!

person2: story of my life...
by DJ Houzer April 09, 2005
a musical device which is the top fashion accessory, though WILL break several times and 'get on ur tits'.
On purchasing an iPod, you are garanteed to have a set of headphones that WILL break within several weeks.
this results in frustration, and a decrease in penis size.
"dude my weiner is shrinking!"

"get ur iPod fixed"

"nah, it'll just break again"
by Rube July 06, 2005
the monopoly of mp3 players.
dude, my mom has an ipod , my sister has an ipod mini, my aunt and my cousin has an ipod nano, I have an iRiver.
by Ben Fong October 23, 2006
A device to offend the counter culture.
If this iPod's popular it must be rubbish!!!
by Dan1123 November 28, 2005
An overpriced mp3 player marketed by Apple that has a crappy battery and is marketed profusely on the Internet and TV. Ipods are commonly bought by ignorant people who fail to see the advantages of buying lower priced, higher quality alternatives that have better audio quality and battery life.
I just spent $300 on a new ipod because the TV told me to.
by Patrick May 07, 2005
A rectangle that holds music, videos, or photos. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Anti-Christ or the cause of the downfall of Western civilization. I purchased one so I can have my entire CD collection in the palm of my hand, not so I can say OMGZ LoOk At My Nu iPoD!!11
I bought an iPod to play music on.
by Lot 9 Adam December 27, 2006
Hard drive mp3 player whose only pro is it's esthetic design. However, feature and accessory wise, it lacks. Other hard drive mp3 players such as the Iriver "H" series drive it to the ground, with features such as video playback, fm radio, digital recording via a built in mic etc.
OMG is that a new ipod?

errr... no this is an Iriver H320 which pisses all over the ipod.
by Mr.river March 09, 2005

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