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Possibly one of the worst designed of all mp3 players. So sensitive to movement. (don't try and copy those ad's)
if you don't have an apple computer it'll stuff up and you will have to pay a fee (even though it is under warrenty).
Accessories cost a bucketload (ie here in australia the skin cost me $60 bucks)
Scratch-resistant? pffft
Girl in cafe - you have an ipod? cool
Girl in cafes friend - no, i've only had it one month and its stuffed up already
Me (overhearing)- really? yours is broken too? i just sent mine back and i know 3 others who have had to send it to get repaired
Some dude - you girls should just get creative mp3 players. much more reliable than that ipod crap
everyone angry at apple
by meeq March 03, 2005

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