A digital music player produced by Apple Computer co.

The iPod is an enigma in both terms of success and controversy; some customers find the product unreliable and the battery difficult to change where as others praise its simple design and ease of use. An example of its design would be the touch-sensitive wheel that allows you to easily select an artist, album or track intuitively and at speed.

People who dislike the iPod often quote that it's over-priced, unreliable and that most people cannot use the storage space - this is mostly true for any similar device on the market, although the perceived lack of reliability of any popular product will doubtlessly be driven by how vocal disappointed individuals are. The most dumbfounding claim is that you can only use music bought from iTunes and that the software is difficult and unreliable to use. There are many third-party applications that work with an iPod, and the player supports many codecs. Should you try and transfer an unsupported codec, iTunes will automaticlly convert it - obviously you do not have to have purchased your music from iTunes to have it in your library.
iPod is subject to a lot of jealousy from school-age children.

iPod is a victim of its own success.

People have an obsession with iPod.
by Burritos August 18, 2006
Possibly one of the worst designed of all mp3 players. So sensitive to movement. (don't try and copy those ad's)
if you don't have an apple computer it'll stuff up and you will have to pay a fee (even though it is under warrenty).
Accessories cost a bucketload (ie here in australia the skin cost me $60 bucks)
Scratch-resistant? pffft
Girl in cafe - you have an ipod? cool
Girl in cafes friend - no, i've only had it one month and its stuffed up already
Me (overhearing)- really? yours is broken too? i just sent mine back and i know 3 others who have had to send it to get repaired
Some dude - you girls should just get creative mp3 players. much more reliable than that ipod crap
everyone angry at apple
by meeq March 03, 2005
The way idiots and southerners write iPod.
i gotz muh i-pod n then i made luv on muh sistah lolz.
by pc_michael July 16, 2006
Provided by the company Apple, it lets you play songs in the version of a mp3 music format. It also lets you play videos and movies, as well as let you view photos. You can add contacts to your iPod, notes, and can play various games. You can download more stuff at the iTunes store. iPods have a variety of colors and types, all differences by gigabytes and size.
I think I'm lucky to have a 8GB iPod Nano.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
What people buy when they don't do research on mp3 players. I'll admit that it looks really cool and the Nano looks even cooler...but when you get down to it, the software is inferior and it limits the things you can do with your music. You can only sync it with itunes and that deletes songs off the ipod that aren't in itunes anymore and you can't transfer the music from the ipod to another computer.
About 90% of suburban high school students use ipods. They didn't go with what made sense, but with what was trendy...which is okay for some people.
by Casual Reader September 17, 2005

1. Can be dropped several times on concrete and still work just fine.

2. Charges quickly and lasts a long time on one charge (up to a day)

3. Click wheel is very responsive and easy to use.

4. Has cool accessories.

5. Large, bright display.

6. Cool features.


1. Attracts robbers.

2. Battery costs a crapload of money to replace.

3. Expensive as hell.

4. Scratches Easily so you have to buy a case ($15-$50) to protect it.
IPODs do suck in a way, but they're not that bad!
by chicagophanatic December 09, 2006
Expensive mp3 player designed by Apple.

Apple has conspired a master plan to ensure you pay the most possible for one of these nifty music boxes. But their plan doesn't stop at just at the main product, it goes on to all the carrying cases, the iPod docking stations, the FM radio attachments and the horrible program, iTunes.
Stan: Hey man, can i see your iPod?
Joe: Dude, with all the money I put into this thing I'm not letting anyone touch it, not even me. It's locked in a safe in my basement with all its assesories I bought for it.
by benormous April 16, 2006
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