A popular mp3 player created by apple (the computer company not apple records) witch recieves alot of criticism but manely this is only because many people dont use it properly.

the topic of little battery...: as with most rechargable batteries you need to occasionally completely run it out and leave it on charge for probably 10 hours plus (probably best idea is to put it on charge 12 hours before you get up in the morning and DONT USE IT). therefore the batterie on the next day will last as long as apple say it should.

the topic of too much space...: there are models (the ipod nano or shuffle for example) witch have little space on for the very reason that most people dont have 12 days worth of music and listen to it all (like someone like me does).

the topic of price...: basically your paying for what you get. its like anything, for example, a nice big house willcost more then a un nice small house wont it. your paying for size and quality.its a designer product of the mp3 world

and for the record of how long they last, ive had my 30 gig ipod now for about a year and a half and it hasnt failed me once because i know how to use it.
john: my ipods stopped working
mary: how long hav eyou had it?
john: about 9 months, i suppose they all break after that time.
mary: how often do you charge it?
john: about half an hour a day
mary: you charge it too often with too little, it thinks half an hour makes it full so it leaves it as its standard batterie life.
by Jamie Turner August 27, 2007
A portable digital jukebox that fits right in my shirt pocket.
instead of having a bulky cd player in my pants pocket having to frequently change cds, i can just listen to my ipod which i have easy access to in my shitr pocket and not have to change cds
by jackson, j May 01, 2006
A pathetic attempt at cloning the successful Zune media player
iPod sucks, but I still have one, i don't know why....
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
An ipod is a litle MP3 player. Some people that don't have alot of money, or like to hear themselves type, say that it is the most horrible attrocity against man since Nazism. If u like it, buy it, if not, dont.
*ragging maniac* "AHH AN IPOD SUCKZZ AND I DONT LIKE IT AND IT IS CRAPPY AND IT IS NOT (insert product name) !!!11!11"
*myself* Hey, Ipods are cool
by drawrf November 18, 2007
Something everybody these days seems to hate.
I bought a used second generation iPod (no, not a touch I'm talkin' the old 20gig model from 2002) and the old beast has delivered nothing but solid performance. I get far better battery life than with my old creative Zen. And at only 35$ on Kijiji you can't go wrong. And while I don't have anywhere near 20gigs of music, that extra space is great if I want to use my iPod as an external drive. And even my past models have been great performers. Those of you who seem to suffer iPod problems and scratches are probably rough and rowdy jocks and are better suited handling a simple flash based player, although a lot of my friends report ROM crashes with their flash players...
Friend 1: I had to take back my creative player, it got that white screen of death again...

Me: Nods while listening to old monochromatic iPod.
by medicus September 07, 2010
It is a mp3 device made by apple that has a sleek design and has a high cost. the ipod can be a negavitve thing but if you take care of it then it will last just like mine 5 years and it is still running well and nothing really will happen and then it can be a good thing

How to take care of it
1. wait till the battery completely drains out then charge it so the battery life will last longer

2. if you dont want it to scratch then buy a cheep or expensive plastic sticker to cover the screen or you can buy a fair price of $10-25 rubber cover

3. If itunes asks you if you want a new update you take it so it itunes wont crash and also if you need to update your ipod then do it so it is compatible to your itunes

4. the obvious one dont drop it crush it or squish it

if you follow these steps then it will last just like mine
john: hey i got an ipod
jane: cool hey you know how to take care of it right?
john: i think
by JAnieSayHuh February 25, 2009
1)a current-generation mp3 player with varying amounts of space to store music and other files.
2)something most people seem to hate for no valid reason other than the fact than to fit in with other people who hate it
3)something people on urbandictionary use to express their negative opinions.
1)guy 1:
Dude check out my new iPod, it's the 20 gig one.
guy 2:


3)See: above.
by Kastiel October 26, 2008
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